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Notebook PEA Icon
Encrypt and password protect your texts, avoid saving unencrypted text while working with it.
HashBuddy Icon
Generate MD5, SHA1, or SHA2/SHA256 checksums for any file of any size.
Cypher Notepad Icon
Secure your data with hybrid encryption that uses both RSA and AES.
USB Lockit Icon
Protect the USB drive with your photos, audios, videos and other files from prying eyes on Windows.
ENC DataVault Icon
Turn any Flash drive into a portable digital vault to protect, secure, and manage sensitive files.
Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Icon
Encrypt drive with BitLocker in Windows, easily lock and unlock BitLocker encrypted drive.
Encrypt Files Icon
Encrypted and decrypt selected files and folders by selection, with history log.
BestCrypt Container Encryption Icon
Encrypt files to protect your privacy with BestCrypt Container File Encryption